Easter Revision

Year 6 have been sent home with a bundle of Easter revision to help them with their SATs.

SATs begin on he week of 8th May and I know with extra help from their family and friends over the holidays they will get even better!

If you get stuck on any questions comment on this post and I will try to help as much as possible over the holidays.

Do as much as you want but remember it’s all down to you and most importantly have a wonderful holiday!!!

See you safely in the new term
Mrs Cook 😀


14 thoughts on “Easter Revision”

  1. Mrs Cook I’ve just realised this is the only possible way to talk to you out of school by the way most of the comments on our class blog will be from me

    Yours sincerely Leon Hickling


    1. I’m glad you’re enthusiastic about the blog Leon and no it isn’t strange lots of people get excited about SATs – believe it or not! Have a good holiday and try some of the revision work 🙂


    1. Hi Chloe, scale factor normally links to shapes. The scale factor is how many times bigger or smaller another shape is compared to the original one. For example if you had a square with 2cm length sides then you had to draw another with a scale factor of 2 you would draw it with 4cm sides, if it had a scale factor of 3 you would draw it with 6cm sides.
      Hope that helps


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